Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DP1 & Dust

                                   A-10 & Dust 1
                                   A-10 & dust 2
                                   Ospreys & Dust

During a walk along the Sound the other day I noticed an eagle, a pair of ospreys and an A-10 overhead at different times.  As a result I spent a good deal of time looking closely at the resulting images at 100% and there it was, dust.  Didn't expect it, don't know how it got there but....  As I haven't found the right belt-loop case for my DP1 I tend to carry it in a shirt pocket. Perhaps that's where the dust came from.  Large blob upper right of image, few other very small spots.

The good news is that an e-mail to Sigma brought a quick response, from a real person, who offered to fix it right away.  You just gotta love it when an e-mail comes from a real person. Quite often I read the disclaimer at the end of an e-mail telling me it cannot be replied to.

The bad news is that I'm without my DP1 until it's returned.

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