Monday, January 17, 2011

Customer service wherefore art thou?

I'm sorry to report a very unsatisfactory experience with Sigma.  I have had to return the DP1 for repair (replacement) twice.  Once was because it seemed to leak dust, the second because I bumped it (not hard).  The first was free, the second was expensive.

Understanding the fragility of this little camera I was crazy careful with it.  Frankly since getting an iPhone the DP1 was hardly used at all.  One day the lens refused to retract.  I sent it in for repair and was shocked and disappointed with the response.  The repair technician insinuated that this lovingly used camera was abused.  Any slight rubbing of paint was pointed to as proof.  Huh?  Really?  He then magnanimously offered to sell me a repaired replacement....and I was made to understand that he shouldn't even be doing that.

I contacted Sigma asking to whom I might appeal.  So far zero response.

C'mon Sigma.  You've made a great little imager in an eggshell fragile box.  Take some some love to your early adopters...stand behind your stuff.