Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Global Scamming

I believe that I understand the knee jerk reactions of group members when the group is suddenly cast into a bad light.  The excuses come immediately, the feelings of being mis understood, the "Circle the Wagons" reaction.  After a while however it starts to become evident to other group members that if this group truly has merit  then the actions of a few, no matter how damning, must be overcome and the perpetrators must be exorcised.

I am speaking of Climategate.  It has been recently disclosed that some who call themselves Scientists have been fudging the numbers.  In the first instance to refer to oneself as a Climatologist infers a field of study that just does not yet exist.  There are licensed Cosmetologists but not Climatologists.  It is safe to say that this important field of study is in fact being developed which emphasizes just how brand new the field is.

As a species we expect much more from certain groups.  Scientists are one such group.  From scientists we expect truth even if it hurts, scientific method, peer review and an attempt to eschew politically motivated "Truths."  From those who have perpetrated the Global Warming Scare we got none of those things, quite the opposite in fact.  This is serious for many reasons but perhaps the biggest reason is that it's so darned important to us.  Every craftsman knows you must trust your tools, if you can't,  then replace them.

To the other true scientists in the world I say it's time to stand up.  Take the beating coming to you.  Punish the perpetrators of the hoax, fix the problems and get on with this important work.  Otherwise the politicians will gleefully run with the crap that's been developed and create a world we do not want and do so in your name.


obakesan said...

Hi Charles

I used to think that the information age would free us from the tyrrany, but it seems that the MTV generation have placed enough smoke on the internet to confuse the many who really are only interested in dressing right and having the "Joneses" look at them with admiration.

perhaps this is what happens when human nature rules the world? but what's the answer to the failings of democracy? I sure don't think its a return to old school tyranny.

Sorry I haven't got any good answers. A friend of mine always says "it will all be self correcting in the end". I'm sure he's right, I just fear the correction. :-)

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