Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am getting better images of clouds with the DP1 than I expected.  These 3 images were taken while driving.  I held the camera up through the open sun roof.  They are images of a mini-storm (my name).  There have been a handful of these over the last few weeks, about 3 to 5 miles wide and traveling quickly from west to east (more or less).  Inside these storms the weather is quite wild, wind, snow, hail, lightning...then they pass and the weather is sunny and pleasant.

Some winters we in the Pacific Northwest are blessed with more sunshine than others, this has been one of those winters.    Yes.  It does rain here often but the rain, drizzle actually, comes from a featureless low grey cloud which stretches from horizon to horizon.  About as much fun to photograph as a wet grey card.  This year The Cloud has been gone much of the time.  As a result we are getting to enjoy the other clouds which perhaps are always there but hidden, clouds like the mini-storms.

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