Monday, April 28, 2008

River's Edge

This image was taken on a little piece land next to a public walking / jogging path along the bank of the Mississippi in New Orleans.  I stood next to a sign indicating that it is private property and an agent of the owner came out and spoke to me.  I could see him as I approached and it seemed to me that he was guarding the owner's privacy.  After an enjoyable conversation during which I identified myself as a photographer and gave him a card he was quite pleased to show me the property and have me photograph it.

The sky was a subtle salmon color but the sun was peeking through directly into my lens.  There were also a very large number of f stops between the sky and the fence.  I was able to position myself so that the insulator mouth of the figure blocked the sun.  The DP1's dynamic range brought much of the detail out.  I have a small flash, Nikon SB30 which effectively lit the foreground and also interestingly brought the reflective tape (red) and street sigh (green) to life.

Very difficult shot.  Very lucky to have gotten it.

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