Sunday, June 22, 2008

DP1 Accessories 2

been some mentions of wrist straps on the Sigma group at dpreview.  There would be 2 great functions for a camera strap.  One is to keep the camera positioned to always be ready to shoot.  However your arm was moved the camera would always be facing the proper direction and the shutter release button would be near a finger.  I don't have any idea what this would look like but I often find myself wrapping the camera neck strap around my hand trying to figure it out.

The second (or perhaps first) great function would be to prevent the camera from hitting the floor.  I have found that if something hits the back of my hand, or I bump it while walking perhaps, my fingers just spring open...seems to have become an auto response.  I have a wrist strap for my DSLR which was made by OPTECH/USA and it has saved my Nikon more than once in crowds.  Looks kinda geeky but Oh Well.

When I bought a DP1 I went to the local camera store browsing straps and found another strap also made by OPTECH/USA.   Like the SLR strap it has kept the DP1 from meeting the pavement more than once.

The attachment string is much too thick for the DP1 lugs but fortunately the DP1 neck strap comes apart in sections.  I attached the clip to the DP1 neck strap and the wrist strap to the clip.  Works pretty well. about $10.00 if I do find the perfect strap at least I won't feel like I've thrown my money away.


Brian said...

This is good information. Have you found the perfect strap yet? Or a more perfect one?

Charles Maclauchlan said...

Hi Brian. Glad to be of help. Actually what I found is a Grip made by Richard Franiec. Between the wrist strap and the grip the camera is held securely and is very easy to use with one hand. There was a recent thread about this in dpreview forums. See here:

Good Luck

Charles Maclauchlan said...

B ye the way Brian, I really like your work on flickr.