Sunday, June 22, 2008

DP1 Accessories

I have found that regardless of their advertising device screens scratch.  Also, when i drop a device (as I do semi-often) the case is usually damaged.  So.  One of the first things I do after buying a new electronic device is cover it with protective plastic.  A custom designed bullet proof body condom would be great but they're almost never available and if they are the price is prohibitive.  

I found a product called "invisi-shield" a few years back.  The clear plastic is quite indestructible. The company selling this product changed over time now calling themselves Zagg I believe.  I purchased a kit for a cell phone 2 or 3 years ago and it worked great.  The plastic protects the screen and the extra pieces seem to work well on the edges of the device.  Not perfect protection from drops but quite good.  I even had an extra piece which i installed on my son's point n shoot before his first tour to Afghanistan.  Son and camera home unharmed each time thank God.

So I purchased the largest piece they had available, fit for a laptop computer and I cut pieces from it with a very sharp pair of scissors.  Knifes (or razors) don't seem to trim this substance.

I had to return my DP1 because of dust. I peeled the plastic off and re used it on the replacement camera.  The sticky stuff still works pretty well but it doesn't look as good the second time around.  In a way though this is actually better.  When folks first see my camera they often think it's held together with scotch tape.  I'm imagining it's less attractive and less likely to go home in someone else's pocket that way.

One thing I learned from a previous camera is that a mono-pod scratches.  I put a piece of plastic over the tripod screw hole (difficult to cut properly) and there are no scratches.  I also cover ends and corners against the inevitable drops.  As I had a dust problem I have also begun to cover seams.  Who knows if it will help or not.


Anonymous said...

The Dp1 is a great camera! I feel the same way about protecting it as you do. Do think getting a leather case might protect it, not only from scratches but also dust? Also how did you realize there was dust in your DP1?
Thanks Joel

Charles Maclauchlan said...

Hi Joe:
I think that a leather case would work quite well actually. I have a specific type of carrying case I'm looking for but haven't found it yet. What I would like is a case which would hold the camera, horizontally, on my belt. That way I could carry it not unlike a cell phone...or my Contax TVS lll.

Regarding dust, it often shows up in images of the sky. If you suspect it focus the camera manually for close up (crank the dial to the left) and take a picture of the sky, or a ceiling...light colored wall etc. Dust spots will show up. Here's how I noticed it. click on first image to enlarge and then look in upper right near the corner.

best of luck


Anonymous said...

Thanks Charles for your reply.
I am looking for the exact same case but also haven't found anything close yet. About the dust I will check that out. Thanks for the help.