Sunday, June 1, 2008

DP1 does Purple

Nikon D-80 above
DP1 below

There's been quite a bit written about the Foveon chip (DP1) and red.  I have my own opinion about this camera with a red environment and will be writing something in the next several days.  Thinking about color though made me curious about this camera with purple.  Purple is a color with unusual properties, it tends to have an emotional impact as well with many people.  It is also a color which is impossible for a digital camera to reproduce.  No matter how purple the print appears, a comparison to the actual subject proves it to be shades of blue but never purple.

We have a small bathroom painted purple and I have used it to test several digital cameras and to prove to others that No, their camera doesn't do purple either.

I brought the DP1 to the "Purple room" and Wang dang Doodle...Purple!   Whad'ya know.

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